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Please check out Shop Vac for a test of the wiki functionality. Any wiki wizards feel free to edit the SongDetails template, found here. Please try not to create any more song pages until we have a standard form!

To-do's, or at least the ones I can think of off the top of my head:

  • Finalize the song template (and the navigation template from lyrics / tabs pages)
    • What other pages should be attached to each song (just duplicate the ones from the song details pages? User-submitted content like videos, etc., would be good; the They Might Be Giants wiki has an "Interpretations" page for every song, but JoCo lyrics don't tend to be obscure in the same way, so maybe that's not as necessary. A "Downloads" page?)
  • Add templates for album, shows, possibly lyrics and tabs
  • Add bio of JoCo (perhaps temporarily steal the Wikipedia bio, at least until it can be updated)
  • Bios of collaborators? Probably Hodgman deserves a page, at the very least, as do Paul and Storm.
  • I'd like a compendium of interviews he's done
  • "Rarities" and other things not linked on the Songs page (e.g. "One More Score," "You Oughta Know")

Other ideas [submitted by jinx]:

  • A chronology? List of events, album/song dates, concerts, and so on, so that if people think "I went to such-and-such a concert, when was that?" there's a quick place to go to find out.
  • Some set of links to items that are related as inspirations to the songs, like wikipedia pages on George Plimpton and Benoit Mandelbrot and so on.
  • For Aftermath,links to the recording sessions with notes on what parts are laid down in each session.
  • List of non-JoCo songs covered in various concerts? (Or are there copyright issues involved?)[end jinx suggestions]
  • Add all manner of content (as suggested above, figuring out how to standardize the pages should probably come first).

--Bry 01:54, 21 March 2008 (UTC)

All songs and lyrics copyright Jonathan Coulton, except where noted. Thankfully released under Creative Commons attribution non-commercial license. Thanks Jon!