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What is a JoCopedia? It's an entire Wiki dedicated to the wild, wonderful universe of Jonathan Coulton: the man, the music, the monkey butler Brian Dennehy and the assistant Scarface. Jonathan Coulton (JoCo to his fans) is an Internet phenomenon, a musician who has released his masterful creations via the Creative Commons license, allowing for an unparalleled connection with his audience. Come on in and enjoy reading all the information we have to offer on the man who writes songs about creatures great and small: Monkeys, Giant Squid, Robot Overlords and Tom Cruise!

Looking to help out? Great! To create full articles, editors must register, but anyone can edit existing pages on the wiki and create discussion paegs, so feel free to jump right in! Check out our to do list for some suggestions on stuff that JoCopedia is looking to work on, our WikiProjects for some bigger picture stuff or the Help page if you're relatively new to wikis and want to get started.

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Wiki News

JoCopedia now has an IRC channel! Visit it here.

Oh dear, we've had quite the spam attack. Nearly 130,000 spam pages were deleted between May 20 and 21, 2017. New user creation is off and creation of new pages by existing users is off until we can figure out what failed in the anti-spam tools and come up with a new solution. - rhaje

May 23, 2017 Update - There's still quite a bit of spam out there, but it's going to take a long time to get rid of all of it. (Search the wiki for 'facebook' to see some of it.) Bulk removal tools got rid of the vast majority, but what remains is a manual visit-and-delete-every-page tedium. I've turned editing and page creation back on, but not account creation. Every edit/creation should require you to complete the I'm Not A Robot captcha. If you need a user account, visit my user page to find out how to contact me, which should prove you're a human, and I'll create your account for you. - rhaje

The wiki is now hosted on a new server! CAPTCHAs and anti-spam tools have been updated, along with the version of MediaWiki (and PHP, and MySQL). There may be some bugs, so please bear with us while we get everything fixed. If you see anything fishy or have any additional suggestions, feel free to alert the moderators! In addition, if you see a spam page or image, please replace the content or file description with {{spam}}.

May 24 in JoCo

1626: Peter Minuit purchases Manhattan

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Song of the Day!

Today's song is Mandelbrot Set.

Did you know that the lyrics to this song actually describe a Julia Set, but the point is indeed in the Mandelbrot Set?

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All songs and lyrics copyright Jonathan Coulton, except where noted. Jonathan Coulton's songs are released under Creative Commons attribution non-commercial license. Thanks JoCo!
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