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Transcribed by suuuupaadave
"The fingerpicking patterns may look a little tricky, but the way to go about it is to START SLOW and use a metronome. I'd also recommend stretching out your fingers before you do this one because it can get tiring. Either way, if there's anything that you think needs to be fixed, feel free to let me know."

Capo 5th Fret


Am x02210
A5 x022xx
A7 x02020
Bm x24432
B7 x21202
C x32010
Cadd9 x32030
Dsus2 xx0230
D xx0232
Dm7 xx0211
Dadd4 x54030
Em 022000
F/C x33211
G 3x0033
G/B x2003x




Verse 1

I drove seven hours
All day to see you
    Am-Pattern		  	     G
The least that you could do is be at home
I wait outside your front door
I guess that I surprised us both
When you get home you're not alone
    C     G             Em
The way I thought you'd be
    Am   Bm        C
You introduce your friend
F/C           B7	       Em
On some sunny day you're gonna fall for me
    A7             Dsus2    Dm7
The way I fell for you
            C                    G-Pattern
That's when I'm gonna make you cry

Verse 2

Ten bucks to buy you flowers
You say they're pretty
And you put them in a vase and say goodnight
Not quite what I had hoped for
Me, I've got nothing left but time
To try again and it's alright
Because I know you care
You just don't care for me
On some sunny day you're gonna fall for me
The way I fell for you
That's when I'm gonna make you cry

    C      G/B
The love I hate
    Am     G
The hate I need
    C         G/B          Dsus2 D
The pain that pulls me through
C       G/B
I can't wait
   Am        G   
To watch you bleed
     A7                     D Cadd9 G/B Am  D Cadd9 G/B A5
When your heart's broken too

Verse Three

I leave another message
That's two this morning
My fingers crossed I wait for you to call
I feel it getting closer
I'll wait forever, I know
Brick by brick I'm breaking down the wall
And when we're side by side
I'll build it up again
On some sunny day you're gonna fall for me
The way I fell for you
That's when I'm gonna make you cry
Gonna make you cry