Minneapolis, MN: 2007-12-06

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Minneapolis, MN[edit]


This set list is not in order, nor confirmed to be complete. If you can help, please do!

  1. Chiron Beta Prime
  2. Code Monkey
  3. Curl - video
  4. I Feel Fantastic - partial video
  5. Kenesaw Mountain Landis
  6. Mr. Fancy Pants
  7. Re: Your Brains
  8. Skullcrusher Mountain
  9. Soft Rocked By Me
  10. Still Alive
  11. Mandelbrot Set
  12. First of May
  13. Ikea - partial video 1, partial video 2


  • JoCo was pleasantly surprised with blue and yellow lighting when he sang Ikea. - photo
  • This show was the first time JoCo sang Curl live.
  • JoCo and Paul and Storm were excited to learn that Neil Gaiman [1] was going to attend this show, and they were all introduced after the show - photo