New York, NY: 2009-03-27

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New York, NY


  1. Shop Vac - video
  2. Big Bad World One - video
  3. Mandelbrot Set - video
  4. Better - video
  5. The Future Soon - video
  6. Dance, Soterios Johnson, Dance - video
  7. A Talk With George - video
  8. Curl (with Paul and Storm) - video
  9. Space Doggity (with Paul and Storm) - video
  10. Blue Sunny Day (with Paul and Storm) - video
  11. Baby Got Back (with Paul and Storm and Kristen Shirts) - video
  12. Code Monkey (with Paul and Storm and Kristen Shirts)
  13. Birdhouse in Your Soul (with Paul and Storm and Kristen Shirts)
  14. Creepy Doll (with Paul and Storm and Kristen Shirts)
  15. Mr Fancy Pants
  16. The Presidents (with the Hungry March Band)
  17. You Ruined Everything
  18. Re: Your Brains


  1. Sweet Caroline (with Paul and Storm, Kirsten Shirts and the Hungry March Band)


  • This show marked the first appearance of the Hungry March Band at a Jonathan Coulton show since the Little Gray Books performance of The Presidents.
  • Forum-member Edrud posted many professional-quality photographs of the performance, in this forum thread