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== Williamsburg, Brooklyn, New York, NY ==
* Location: Williamsburg, Brooklyn, New York, NY
* Date: 2009-12-09
* Venue: Music Hall of Williamsburg
* Supporting act: [[Paul and Storm]]
* Guests: [[Kristen Shirts]]
=== Setlist: ===
# [[Betty and Me]]
# [[Shop Vac]]
# [[The Future Soon]]
# [[Dance, Soterios Johnson, Dance]]
# [[Millionaire Girlfriend]]
# [[Big Bad World One]]
# [[Christmas Is Interesting]]
# [[Chiron Beta Prime]] - [http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wLDon-wpB84 video]
# [[Code Monkey]]
# [[My Monkey]]
# [[Creepy Doll]]
# [[Mr. Fancy Pants]]
# [[I Crush Everything]]
# [[Skullcrusher Mountain]]
# [[Still Alive]]
# [[Re: Your Brains]]
: '''Encore'''
# [[A Talk with George]]
# [[Do They Know It's Christmas]]
=== Notes ===
* [[Paul and Storm]] filmed the audience swearing at Ken, organiser of [[Masters of Song Fu]], as part of a "Christmas present". They left the camera used for this at the merch table so that audience members could record individual messages of their own.
* Since this was JoCo's first gig since his birthday, Paul and Storm bought him a [[wikipedia:Fudgie the Whale|Fudgie the Whale]] ice-cream birthday cake. The cake, along with a Cookie Puss and several Tom the Turkeys, was shared with the audience at the end of the show.
* The audience sang "Happy Birthday"

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The forum is a brighter place thnaks to your posts. Thanks!