Over There

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Over There
ReleaseSmoking Monkey
Release date11-05-2003
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  • This song was the first to be played at JoCo's first London show on March 20, 2008.
  • The last few lines of the song about chewing underwear and naked ladies refers to a common children's song, the The Streets of Cairo:

They say that there’s a place in France
Where the naked ladies dance
You can find it if you ask around
And there’s a hole there in the wall
Where the men can see it all
But the men don’t care
Because they chew their underwear
And the underwear they chew costs a dollar ninety-two

The melody is far more well known than the lyrics, commonly used in cartoons when deserts, Arabia or belly dancing is shown, as well as songs like Istanbul (Not Constantinople).


This song is available in MP3 or FLAC format at jonathancoulton.com or as part of the Smoking Monkey album.


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