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"Ladies and gentlemen, the two Yank assholes standing between you and a Jonathan Coulton concert, Paul and Storm!" - Paul "Paul" Sabourin

"Candy in the panties is my Katy Perry cover band"- Paul Sabourin at PAX prime 2011

Paul Sabourin and Greg "Storm" DiCostanzo are an Arlington, Virginia-based comedic musical duo. They had formerly been half of the a cappella group Da Vinci's Notebook. When that group went on hiatus the two struck out on their own, with Paul playing keyboard and penny whistle and Storm on the guitar.

They have toured almost exclusively with Jonathan Coulton, co-billing and usually opening the shows. Jonathan usually joins them during their set for the song "Nugget Man". They then join Jonathan for several songs during his set, providing harmonies and additional banter, particularly as the three exchange offers of actual soft rock hits during Soft Rocked by Me. (See List of soft rock medley songs.)

Jonathan co-wrote "Your Love Is", which was recorded on their "News to Us" album, as well as providing instrumental parts for many of their tracks.

They were one of the other Master artists for Masters of Song Fu contest, highlighted by their entry for the first contest in the style of JoCo entitled "Live", which can be heard on their blog.

Paul and Storm Web site