Pontiac, MI: 2008-07-10

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Pontiac, MI

Set list

Paul and Storm's Set:

  • Dancing and lip-synching to "Hat with Feet" and "ABC," and then playing part of "Hat with Feet"
  • We Are the Opening Band
  • Count to Ten
  • Nugget Man (featuring J.C. on backing vocals)
  • Mother's Day Song
  • Rejected Commercials (Fresh Step Kitty Litter, etc.)
  • Nun Fight
  • Live (Song-Fu entry in the style of J.C.)
  • A Better Version of You
  • Musical Suppositions (James Taylor on Fire, Bob Dylan in the Bottom of a Well, etc.)
  • The Captain's Wife's Lament

Jonathan Coulton's Set:

  • The Future Soon
  • Ikea
  • Shop Vac
  • Still Alive (the Portal Song)
  • Baby's Got Back (with Paul and Storm)
  • Code Monkey (with Paul and Storm)
  • My Monkey (with Paul and Storm, music on Tenori-on)
  • Birdhouse in Your Soul (with Paul and Storm)
  • Creepy Doll (with Paul and Storm)
  • I Feel Fantastic (with Paul and Storm)
  • Mister Fancypants (music on Zendrum)
  • I Crush Everything
  • Skullcrusher Mountain
  • ...
  • Encore: First of May, Sweet Caroline (cover) with Paul and Storm