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Transcribed by suuuupaadave
"It's not 100% perfect, but it's pretty damn close. Don't be intimidated by the number of chords in this song. Go through them and make sure you're comfortable with them because none of them are particularly difficult to grab. If anyone has any questions or comments let me know. Enjoy!"


A7sus4 x02030
A/E 0xx22x
A7sus4/E 0x203x
A7/E 0x202x
Am7/E 0x201x
Amaj7 x02120
D/F# 2xx230
Dmaj7 xx0222
E 022100
E7/A x0x130
F6 1x323x
Fmaj7add11 132200
Fdim xx0101
F#dim xx1212
F#m xx4222
F#m7add4 2x2200
G6 320030

Verse Riff:

A7sus4        E7/A


A7sus4                 E7/A
Everybody knows you're onto something
A7sus4            E7/A
And they all want in
A7sus4                E7/A
They don't know about the bad news
         F#m7add4        G6
You keep underneath your skin
         Dmaj7                   Amaj7
And they think you've got it all figured out
            Dmaj7               Amaj7
But there's one thing you never talk about
      Dmaj7 F#dim            E     Fdim F#m  
It's a long time gone but it never went away

G6       D/F#
Pull the string
         F6                  A/E
And this whole thing's coming down
G6            D/F    Fmaj7add11
Just pull the string

Verse 2

Smile pretty, the camera loves you
That's what they say
But there's a part of you that wishes
They would all just go away
Cause there's one small secret that's bugging you
It would break their hearts if they only knew
There's a world outside, you can feel it coming in


Pull the string
And this whole thing's coming dow n
Just pull the string


E   |A7sus4/E|A7/E |Am7/E | x3
A   |        |

verse 3

Call your lawyer, deny the rumors
But some lies are true
You can go there if you want to
When this ends is up to you
When your ten miles up and you're coming down
You don't feel a thing when you hit the ground
You just come apart and it's like you never were