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"'''Rainbow Connection '''" is a cover of the [[wikipedia:Kermit_the_Frog|Kermit the Frog]] song performed in the "The Muppet Movie".  The song has come to epitomize the ideals and artistic spirit of Muppet creator [[wikipedia:Jim_Henson|Jim Henson]].
And I was just wonedring about that too!
== Live Performance ==
[[Jonathan Coulton]] performed a cover of "Rainbow Connection" during [[John Hodgman]]'s [[Little Gray Books]] Lecture #2, "Hints on Public Singing".  To date, this is the only known time Jonathan has played it.
== Availability ==
"Rainbow Connection" has not as of yet been officially recorded; however, a copy of the Little Gray Book Lecture performance is available at [[awryone]]'s [http://homepage.mac.com/awryone/FileSharing4.html download page], a collection of older Jonathan Coulton recordings.
== Themes ==
* [[Sing A Longs]]
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And I was just wonedring about that too!