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Re: Vos Cerveaux
ReleaseThe Aftermath
Release date11-29-2007
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Re: Vos Cerveaux is the French translation of Re: Your Brains, translated by fan Jeremsoft ("who is French, and judging from the name, an AI")[1].


  • Released Nov. 29, 2007
  • Can be considered another JoCo/Beatles connection, as several Beatles hits were recorded by the band in other languages.
  • To create this song, Coulton recorded new vocals over his existing Re: Your Brains backing tracks. The all-vocal recording sessions were not videotaped, unlike other songs from The Aftermath. (See JoCo in a Bubble.)


Currently only available as a single track purchase here.

Live performance

This song was performed by Jonathan on May 27th 2010 in Montréal, Québec. He gave the audience the chance to hear the original song, or to hear him fail miserably the french version of the song. The audience chose the french version by acclaim. To this date, this is the only time this song was played live in its french version.



The Aftermath
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