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==San Francisco, CA==
==San Francisco, CA==
Venue:  Cafe du Nord
=== Cafe du Nord ===
Opening Act:  Mark Silverman
Opening Act:  Mark Silverman
# [[Mr. Fancy Pants]]
# [[Mr. Fancy Pants]]

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San Francisco, CA

Cafe du Nord

Opening Act: Mark Silverman


  1. Mr. Fancy Pants
  2. Skullcrusher Mountain
  3. Betty and Me
  4. A Talk with George
  5. The Future Soon
  6. Millionaire Girlfriend
  7. Creepy Doll
  8. I'm Your Moon
  9. Chiron Beta Prime
  10. First of May
  11. Code Monkey
  12. You Ruined Everything
  13. Re Your Brains
  14. Mandelbrot Set
  1. Tom Cruise Crazy
  2. I Feel Fantastic
  3. I Hate California
Second Encore
  1. Ikea
  2. Womb with a View


  • This show sold out far beyond the seating capacity of the plush basement-bar venue and gave the first inkling of Coulton's drawing power in the Bay Area. The extremely intimate setting and overflow SRO crowd reflected the transitional period of Coulton's career at the time, on a trajectory from coffee houses to 400-plus-seat rock palaces. In his blog, Coulton commented, "Many thanks to all the people who came out to see me, especially the many who had to stand in the back like a bunch of animals. Next time, more chairs." "Next time" turned out to be a gig at The Great American Music Hall that went well enough for that venue to be selected for the DVD shoot of "The JoCo Movie." (Setlist provided by Andy Bates, who at the time posted that he regretted not speaking up sooner when Coulton asked for assistance on "Chiron Beta Prime." Bates would later be picked to do the robot voice for "Chiron Beta Prime" at the DVD show and would submit a winning design for the 2008 T-Shirt Contest.)