San Francisco, CA: 2009-01-18

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San Francisco, CA


taken more or less verbatim from AiYume's LiveJournal post

  1. Big Bad World One - video
  2. Shop Vac - video
  3. Skullcrusher Mountain
  4. Still Alive - video
  5. Millionaire Girlfriend (mention of Washington Mutual stopped him in his tracks)
  6. Drinking With You
  7. Famous Blue Raincoat
  8. Tom Cruise Crazy
  9. Code Monkey
  10. My Monkey (with Paul and Storm)
  11. Chiron Beta Prime (with Paul and Storm & Andy Bates)
  12. Always the Moon (with Paul and Storm)
  13. Birdhouse in Your Soul (with Paul and Storm)
  14. Creepy Doll (with Paul and Storm)
  15. Mr. Fancy Pants
  16. Someone Is Crazy
  17. The Presidents (updated to include Obama)
  18. The Future Soon
  19. Space Doggity ("This song is also a downer. See, this is what I do, I lift you up then I punch you in the face.")
  20. Re: Your Brains
  1. First of May (with Paul and Storm)
  2. Sweet Caroline (with Paul and Storm)