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This article is about Jonathan Coulton's administrative assistant. For the fictional minion Scarface, see Skullcrusher Mountain.

Scarface is the pseudonym of an assistant who works for Jonathan Coulton. JoCo has not yet commented publicly about Scarface, although he seems to have indicated that Scarface is working for hire, as reported by his friend awryone.

Scarface's known duties include replying to e-mail sent to Coulton. Beginning in mid-April 2008, several people who had written e-mails to Coulton were sent responses signed "-Scarface." It is as yet unclear whether Scarface has other responsibilities.

The pseudonym "Scarface" comes from the name of the narrator's assistant in Coulton's song Skullcrusher Mountain. Neither of these Scarfaces appears to have any connection to the many real and fictional people given that nickname, including the title character of the 1983 Al Pacino film.