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This article is about Jonathan Coulton's administrative assistant. For the fictional minion Scarface, see Skullcrusher Mountain.

Scarface is the pseudonym of an assistant employed by Jonathan Coulton. Scarface's duties include replying to e-mail sent to Coulton, particularly fan mail and working the merchandise table for local shows. Coulton has not disclosed whether Scarface has other responsibilities, though some additional details of the job description can be gleaned from the original Scarface's departing blog post (see below).

On April 21, 2008, Coulton officially announced that he had hired Scarface. In the days before this announcement, a number of people had already reported receiving replies signed "Scarface".

Scarface made her first public appearance at the June 21st, 2008 New York City show.

The pseudonym "Scarface" comes from the name of the narrator's assistant in Coulton's song Skullcrusher Mountain. Neither of these Scarfaces appears to have any connection to the many real and fictional people given that nickname, including the title character of the 1983 Al Pacino film.

On September 2, 2009, Coulton revealed that the original Scarface, named Meaghan, was leaving his employ to pursue her work at Tumblr full-time[1]. Meaghan wrote that a friend of hers had become the new Scarface[2]. Meaghan's About page on Tumblr shows that her full name is Meaghan O'Connell.

In April 2011, Scarface underwent its first gender reassignment, with the appointment of Drew Westphal to the position[3]. Unlike previous Scarfaces, he doesn't work anonymously; his e-mails are signed "Scarface Drew Westphal, Henchman." Like Coulton, he was a member of the Yale University undergraduate a cappella groups the Spizzwinks(?) and the Whiffenpoofs[4].