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ReleaseThing a Week Four
Release date07-14-2006
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  • Forty-first Thing a Week, released July 14, 2006.
  • As Coulton noted upon release, the behaviour described in the song "is not actually the way things really are for seahorses". In reality, like most fish species, seahorses do not care for their young once they are born. Male, rather than female, seahorses are responsible for bearing their young, but do not rear them.


Thing-a-Week Four
1. SkyMall · 2. Seahorse · 3. Creepy Doll · 4. Under the Pines · 5. Big Bad World One · 6. Mr. Fancy Pants · 7. You Ruined Everything · 8. I'm Your Moon · 9. The Big Boom · 10. Make You Cry · 11. Pull the String · 12. Summer's Over · 13. We Will Rock You · 14. We Are the Champions