Seattle, WA: 2007-08-24

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Seattle, WA

  • Location: Seattle, WA
  • Date: August 24, 2007
  • Venue: Penny Arcade Expo, Washington State Convention and Trade Center


  1. The Future Soon
  2. Tom Cruise Crazy
  3. Baby Got Back
  4. Skullcrusher Mountain
  5. Better
  6. I Crush Everything
  7. Shop Vac
  8. I Feel Fantastic
  9. Creepy Doll
  10. Code Monkey
  11. Mandelbrot Set
  12. You Ruined Everything
  13. Re Your Brains


  • This concert took place at the Penny Arcade Expo, with Jonathan as the opening act to a concert featuring himself, the Minibosses, and MC Frontalot. On his blog, Here's a comment from Jonathan's blog about the concert: "I opened Saturday night’s concert by playing a set to an audience of thousands of people (which I’ve never done before). It was quite a rush - I’ve never seen a wider sea of cell phones and Nintendo DSes and light sabers, and the sound of several thousand screaming zombies truly is a little frightening."
  • This is the first Jonathan Coulton concert made available on an official DVD release. It is found on Disc 2 of the PAX07 DVD set. Jonathan has had the set available for sale at his live shows. They can also be purchased at the official Penny Arcade merchandise store.