Seattle, WA: 2008-08-29

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Seattle, WA

  • Location: Seattle, WA
  • Date: August 29, 2008
  • Venue: Penny Arcade Expo (PAX), Washington State Convention and Trade Center


  1. Ikea - video
  2. The Future Soon - video
  3. Mandelbrot Set - video
  4. Creepy Doll - video
  5. Code Monkey - video, video 2, video 3
  6. Flickr - video
  7. Not This One (see Notes) - video
  8. Still Alive (with Felicia Day) - video, video 2, video 3,video 4,video 5
  9. I'm Your Moon - video
  10. Birdhouse in Your Soul - video
  11. Mr. Fancy Pants - video
  12. Skullcrusher Mountain - video
  13. Not This One (see Notes)
  14. I Feel Fantastic - video
  15. A Talk With George - video
  16. Re: Your Brains - video
  1. First of May - video
  2. Sweet Caroline - video


  • Jonathan had some banter with the sound man as they set up the video for Flickr, as there were two video choices, called "Play This One" and "Not This One". After establishing that "Play This One" was the correct video, the sound man went ahead and played "Not This One" when Flickr was completed.
  • The bunny that Jonathan played with during Not This One was the bunny that Gabe and Tycho hosted from Marissa's Bunny [link]
  • Felicia Day sang the lead vocals for Still Alive, marking only the second time that someone other than Jonathan has sung one of his songs at a Jonathan Coulton concert. (See Seattle, WA: 2008-04-26 for the first time.)
  • Highlights ("The concert in 4 minutes") - video
  • Jonathan also played the next day as a guest with MC Frontalot - video