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== Seattle, WA ==
== [[Seattle, WA]] ==
* Location: [[Seattle, WA]]
* Location: Seattle, WA
* Date: 2008-11-06
* Date: November 6th, 2008
* Venue: [[Town Hall]]
* Venue: Town Hall
* Supporting act for: [[John Hodgman]]
* Supporting act for: [[John Hodgman]]
* Special guest: [[Sean Nelson of Harvey Danger, John Roderick of The Long Winters]]
* Special guests: [[Sean Nelson]] of Harvey Danger and [[John Roderick]] of The Long Winters

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Seattle, WA


  1. The Presidents - video, video 2
  2. Re: Your Brains
  3. Don't Ask Me Why (Billy Joel cover, Sean Nelson on lead vocals - video
  4. Tonight You Belong To Me - (John Hodgman on lead vocals) - video


This was part of John Hodgman's book tour. Jonathan was one of a few featured musicians, and only performed a few songs. The list above is incomplete; if someone here remembers the other songs Jonathan played here, please edit! Thanks!