Seattle, WA: 2011-08-27

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Seattle, WA

  • Location: Seattle, WA
  • Date: August 27, 2011
  • Venue: Penny Arcade Expo (PAX), Paramount Theatre


  1. Code Monkey
  2. Shop Vac
  3. Artificial Heart
  4. Sticking It to Myself
  5. Nemeses
  6. Mandelbrot Set
  7. Good Morning Tucson
  8. Alone at Home
  9. Big Bad World One
  10. Skullcrusher Mountain
  11. Mr. Fancy Pants / Want You Gone (video)
  12. Je Suis Rick Springfield
  13. The Stache
  14. Still Alive
  15. Re: Your Brains
  16. I Feel Fantastic


  • Audience members threw a bag of Cheetos and a shirt on stage.
  • This was the debut performance of Je Suis Rick Springfield.
  • Want You Gone was performed for the first time on Zendrum, rather than the acoustic guitar arrangement from prior concerts.
  • John Roderick performed lead vocals on Nemeses