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Transcribed by M_Pony

[opening riff:] **
G --------------------
D 6 7 9  11 9  7 6 4 6 
A 7 9 11 12 11 9 7 6 7
E --------------------

[Verse 1:]
B                           E
 We took the freeway out of town
B                           E
 We found a place to settle down
B                           Ab             C#m  E7
 We bought a driveway and a swingset and a dog
You got your very own bathroom
I got my very own workshop in the basement
              E       Ab     C#m     A
We sit around staring at the wall-to-wall
     E           Ab     C#m      A
Take field trips to our favorite mall
E       Ab      C#m      A       F#m              B
Waiting for the day when all the kids grow up and leave us here

If you need me
I’ll be downstairs
With the shop vac
        A                         E
You can call but I probably won’t hear you
             F#m                    B
Because it’s loud with the shop vac on 
(for heaven’s sake it’s really loud with the shop vac on)
But you’ll be OK
Cause you’ll be upstairs
With the TV
        A                        E
You can cry and I probably won’t hear you
             B                      E   A   E
Because it’s loud with the shop vac on

[Verse 2:]
B                         E
 We hung a flag above the door
B                                E
 Checked out the gourmet grocery store
B                       Ab              C#m  E7
 I bought a mower I can ride around the yard
But we haven’t got real friends
And now even the fake ones have stopped calling
           E      Ab     C#m      A
Maybe if.. you forget to hide the keys
     E      Ab      C#m  A
I’ll take a ride to Applebee’s
     E         Ab       C#m   A       F#m             B
I’ll come home drunk on daiquiris and throw up on the neighbor’s lawn

[Repeat Chorus]

CMaj7                GMaj7                       CMaj7
I like the Starbucks here that’s better than the other one
Cause the other one’s not as good
CMaj7                     C#halfdim*                     D
They really need to put a light there cause it’s hard to turn
It’s hard to make a left turn

[Vincent’s Guitar Solo]***

[Verse 3:]
B                         E
 And when it’s time to go to bed
B                         E
 I’m still awake inside my head
B                          Ab                C#m  E7
 I’m floating up above the house and looking down
I guess I gotta go back there
I guess there never was any other answer
           E       Ab       C#m     A
And as the freeway hums the cars go by
    E          Ab    C#m       A
The headlights roll across the sky
E    Ab     C#m     A     F#m               B
Many miles away but I can see them speeding through the dark

[Repeat Chorus]
  • This is the "half-diminished" chord. According to JoCo he plays it x4545x
  • I play this chord by sliding a C major up one fret.
  • It’s a complete cheat but it sounds nice.
    • The opening riff is multitracked, so play it however you wish.
    • If you master the arts of time-travel and space-time-multi-existence

you can even have a screaming 70’s style harmonized duet with yourself, if you really want to.

Guitar solo tabs

Vincent’s solo, transcribed by suuuupaadave:

(See suuuupaadave’s instructional video here.)