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There are a number of recurring themes during Jonathan Coulton live performances.

Infoarmiton is power and now I'm a [email protected]#$ing dictator.


Performances of Mr. Fancy Pants are often preceded or interrupted by portions of Never Gonna Give You Up by Rick Astley. The first performance of a rickroll was before Baby Got Back during Seattle, WA: 2008-04-26 with Paul, Storm, and Molly.

Soft rock medleys

When Jonathan performs Soft Rocked by Me with Paul and Storm, the middle of the song is often dedicated to a medley of spontaneously-chosen soft rock songs. A working list of list of soft rock medley songs is available.


Jonathan is occasionally accompanied by a ukelele on songs such as Tom Cruise Crazy, Big Bad World One, and Creepy Doll.


Water is often used as a comic device during shows. This was most notable as a recurring theme at Portland, OR: 2008-04-25, as evidenced by many of the videos from that night.