Solana Beach, CA: 2009-05-13

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Solana Beach, CA

  • Location: Solana Beach, CA
  • Date: May 13, 2009
  • Venue: Belly Up Tavern
  • Supporting act: Paul and Storm


  1. Shop Vac
  2. Mandelbrot Set
  3. Millionaire Girlfriend
  4. I'm Your Moon
  5. Big Bad World One
  6. Code Monkey (with Paul and Storm)
  7. Tom Cruise Crazy (with Paul and Storm)
  8. Make You Cry (with Paul and Storm)
  9. Space Doggity (with Paul and Storm)
  10. Birdhouse in Your Soul (with Paul and Storm)
  11. Creepy Doll (with Paul and Storm)
  12. I Feel Fantastic (with Paul and Storm)
  13. Mr. Fancy Pants (with Zendrum, including Never Gonna Give You Up)
  14. Pressure (Billy Joel cover)
  15. Future Soon
  16. Ikea
  17. Betty and Me
  18. Re: Your Brains
Fake Encore
  1. First of May (with Paul and Storm)
  2. Sweet Caroline (Neil Diamond cover with Paul and Storm)
Real Encore
  1. Welcome to the Machine (Pink Floyd cover with Paul and Storm) - video
  2. Kodachrome (Paul Simon cover with Paul and Storm) - video