Solid State

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Solid State
Artist: Jonathan Coulton
Tracks: TBD
Release date: TBD

Jonathan Coulton's upcoming album is Jonathan Coulton's next studio album, projected to be released in 2016. According to Coulton, the album "has a bit of a concept behind it," with a "character that you follow throughout his life."[1]


In 2015, during JoCo Cruise 5, Jonathan Coulton disclosed that he had been working on a new album and played early recordings of two tracks.

In 2016, during JoCo Cruise 6, Coulton announced that "the music was done" for the new album, saying he was "hopeful that [fans] will be able to hear it very soon."[2] During the cruise, he performed four tracks from the album: Brave[2], Square Things[1], All This Time[3], and Your Tattoo[4].


The album has not yet been released.

Track Listing

Since the album has not been released, all track listings are speculative.

  1. Brave
  2. Square Things
  3. All This Time
  4. Your Tattoo


Solid State
Brave · Square Things · All This Time · Your Tattoo