Songs from Ze Frank's "The Show"

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Songs from Ze Frank's "The Show"
Artist: Jonathan Coulton
Tracks: 8

Track Listing

  1. Fun Winter
  2. Giant Baby
  3. Hindsight
  4. Sandwich
  5. Stay the Same
  6. Ugly
  7. Walnuts
  8. Work this Thing


A series of short songs that Jonathan Coulton did as covers on Ze Frank's web video show.
The event was caused by Ze Frank being challenged to a game of Fabuloso Chess by his fans, it was presided over by The League of Awesomeness. In the end Ze resigned from the game of chess meaning he had to fulfil the stakes (At least 10 minutes of Ze and a guitar performing songs). Ze chose to bend the intention of this demand by enlisting Jonathan Coulton to come on the show and play 10 minutes of song for him, while he stood watching participating in some way (different in different songs). The show was released on March 8, 2007. It can be found here:


The individual tracks are available on Jonathan's website, however the tracks were never available as a package nor was this ever released as a CD.