Space Doggity

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Space Doggity
ReleaseMasters of Song Fu
Release date2008-07-25
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"Space Doggity" is Jonathan Coulton's entry to the Round 3 Challenge of the song writing competition Masters of Song Fu.


The Round 3 Challenge (for Master and Challenger) read:

THE REIMAGINING (aka THE RECKONING): For this final duel between Master and Challenger, we’re going to combine a little bit of all the previous challenges. For this ultimate show of skill, adaptability, and personality, you will be given a preexisting song. Your task is to completely reimagine that song with your own lyrics and music - while retaining the same basic story and at least some sonic “cue” or “quote” from the original tune (a short phrase or series of chord changes; the key word here is “brief”). THIS IS NOT A COVER - you are crafting something more akin to an homage, but with your own creative voice. Here is the song you’ll be reimagining:


You will be judged on how closely your reimagining hits the basic “story points” - spaceman goes up, spaceman talks with control, spaceman goes for a walk, spaceman disappears - but beyond that, anything goes.

The song must be at least 1min 45sec, and must be an original creation.

Jonathan had this to say when announcing the song on his blog:

Yes you're right, I almost went with the first monkey in space, but I didn't want to be accused of going overboard with the monkeys. So I went with the first dog in space instead.

Her name was Laika and she went up in Sputnik 2. In doing my "research" I discovered that Russian scientists recently released the truth about what happened to her during the launch, which is that she died just a few hours into it, and not after a week as they originally claimed. She died from stress and overheating (the cooling system malfunctioned and it was 104F in there) but mostly she died from being LAUNCHED INTO SPACE IN A FUCKING ROCKET.


The MP3 is free to download from the Quick Stop Entertainment site.


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