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  • ...arranged for a full band. In addition to the [[band|drummer and bassist]] who frequently appear in Coulton's [[:Category:Shows|live shows]], ''Artificial * "[[The World Belongs to You]]" - mandolin: Jon Graboff; keyboards: [[Joe McGinty]]
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  • This was my virginal JoCo show, I had no idea who he was when he started. :) Then I realized it was Jon from TMBG in beared disguise using a time-reversal ray!
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  • ...the phrase, 'Once in a while, I go out of my way, to kill you, a little.' Jon thought it was great, and wrote a song around it. Like a challenge. That's ...ecause "the audience was probably my wife, four of my friends, and one guy who was there by accident".
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  • JON! So you can shank the bitch who punked you for fun
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  • ...mpaign and his correspondent work on Comedy Central's "The Daily Show with Jon Stewart". He has also written for McSweeney's, worked as a literary agent (
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  • ...ognize yourself in these short narratives, along with the fellow travelers who have conned, enabled, victimized, or (yes) charmed you. ...ulative to people who are almost a little sinister. They’re usually people who you really like being around in the beginning, because they’re really goo
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