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These lyrics are preliminary. If you see any inaccuracies, please correct them!

I love the shape of square things,
But in my defense,
Right at the edge is where things
Started to not make sense.

Inside the cube you're spinning,
Colors slide into place,
Just when you think you're winning,
You mix up a different face.

Then you wish for
Bigger fish or
Just some other thing,
So you cast her
In your disaster --
Yes, it hurts, but only when you sing

Like your heart is broken,
Bruise at the softest touch.
Best leave the rest unspoken,
Who wants to care that much?

Here's your chance, kid,
Look what you did.
How could I complain?
At the world's end
With a new friend,
Getting high on the same old dumb champagne.

Still me, (I could be convinced otherwise)
Quiet as the grave.
I could play dumb,
Walk away from
What might be something I could save,
Take my chances,
Won't change me…

God forbid you
Leave the grid, you
Know you must disclose
That's your one strike.
What's it feel like?
Something round but sometimes even those

Things are shaped like square things,
Corners where you can hide.
Sometimes you can't repair things --
Everyone choose a side.