Sticking It To Myself

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Sticking It To Myself
ReleaseArtificial Heart
Release date07-22-2010
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"Sticking It To Myself" is a song on Jonathan Coulton's eighth studio album, Artificial Heart.


"Sticking It To Myself" was one of the songs to be debuted on 7/22/2010 at Coulton's first ever full band concert in Northampton, MA.

Live performance

This song was first debuted along with several other songs at Coulton's first ever performance with his then new band in Northampton, MA.


"Sticking It To Myself" is thus far not officially available in any medium.

However, an unofficial recording from the July 23rd concert in Somerville is available on youtube, as well as one from PAX Prime 2010.


  • Quitting
  • Success
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