Sweet Caroline

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Sweet Caroline
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"Sweet Caroline" is a cover of the Neil Diamond song. The original is often played at many sporting events, particularly at the 7th inning stretch of baseball games, it is an audience participation classic.


  • Originally played spontaneously at the Alexandria, Virginia show on August 31, 2007. Jonathan had just finished playing Code Monkey, with Paul and Storm accompanying; immediately upon completing the song, he was pelted with a collection of toy monkeys, organized by Jinx. On one of the monkeys was a note inviting Jonathan to play at a party in Las Vegas. Jonathan joked that the author should e-mail him, to which the reply from the audience came, "That was what Neil Diamond said!" Without missing a beat, Jonathan, Paul, and Storm launched into a flawless impromptu version of "Sweet Caroline."

Live Performance

The song has since become a staple at many shows, frequently as the second encore (after First of May).


  • Just as the original has become a popular singalong at sporting events, JoCo's version is usually sung along with at shows: In the chorus, after the phrases "Sweet Caroline" and "I'd be inclined," the audience sings, "Ba ba ba," and after the phrase "So good," the audience chants, "So good! So good! So good!"
  • The bridge, done instrumentally in the original, has developed lyrics in JoCo and P&S's rendition, to wit:

Caroline, you're so sweet and you're Caroline,
Caroline, you're so sweet and you're Caroline,
Caroline, you're so Ca-ro-li-ney...

They also sing it occasionally as:
Caroline, you're the sweetest one, Caroline,
Caroline, you're the sweetest one, Caroline,
Caroline, you're so Ca-ro-li-ney...


"Sweet Caroline" has not, as of yet, been recorded. However, there are many YouTube videos of various concert performances, alongside The Complete Jonathan Coulton Recordings found on NPR.org.