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Please post your totals here. Awards will be given out once winners are confirmed and award trophy icons created. No fibbing, please!



  • Lex - zero (have no partner :( )
  • brandeks - zero (worked, then waited in line for Iron Man all day (which rocked)


a question as to what would be a qualifying location

so with doors and windows open so the OUTSIDE was really VERY close at hand - any credit? and if I woulda read this last night, believe me, we would have moved to the deck.

ANSWER: The rules state: "NO POINTS are awarded for any of these events if they take place within the confines of two or more walls." The presence of open windows doesn't change the fact that the act took place indoors, so I'm sorry to say no points were gained.

a question

Does this have to occur on the First of May? It's usually pretty cold at that time of year, not to mention muddy or raining. Could it be a day near the date, which had better weather?

Far as I'm aware (though you'd have to ask official rulemaster Spiff), the FoM Olympics are specifically to be held on May 1st. Sorry! --Lex (talk - contribs) 22:32, 24 November 2008 (EST)

ANSWER: Yes, the 24-hour period that starts at 12:01am May 1st local time and runs to 11:59pm May 1st local time is the timeframe in which the events must be performed. Sorry, but the song isn't "Sometime Around The First Of May", it's the "First Of May". ;)