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OK I am not really sure I did what I was supposed to in the formatting of these lyrics but I did it as it seemed the best way to do it so it looked good and was presentable. Is the formatting I have used OK? Also I would appreciate it it if someone checked over the lyrics I got. I think it is at least 98% correct just want someone to check the finner detail. Thanks.

I've checked over the lyrics (and made a couple of minor, minor changes); also I've changed the formatting to match what we did for multiple "parts" in Podsafe Christmas Song. (For a variety of reasons, making information color-dependent isn't altogether a good idea -- for instance, if we use a different skin / color scheme for the wiki, it might be confusing; also blue text has a connotation of "clickable link" on the Internet in general and on wikis particularly; also a not-inconsequential percentage of people are color-blind and it wouldn't be helpful to them.) --Bry 20:37, 15 May 2008 (EDT)