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{{{1}}} is a song theme especially common on the Artificial Heart album. It is also one of the Diagnostic Metrics.

Diagnostic Metrics symbol:


Diagnostic Metrics type:

  • [[{{{2}}}]]

Song from Artificial Heart whose primary theme is {{{1}}}:

  • {{{4}}}

Songs from Artificial Heart whose secondary themes include {{{1}}}:


Song from Artificial Heart whose primary theme is [[{{{3}}}]] (the opposite of {{{1}}}):

  • {{{5}}}

The association between songs and Diagnostic Metrics symbols is given on the back cover of the Artificial Heart CD jacket. The theme names are the same as the names of the Diagnostic Metrics symbols given on the Tucson Diagnostics web site. The interpretation of the symbol names as song themes is derived from analysis of the song content, the columns in which the symbols appear on the CD jacket, and the names of the symbols.