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Template parameters

Name of image representing the song. The image will be resized to 150 pixels in width.
Example: ShopVac.jpg
Remember to use only the filename; we'll generate all the Wiki code to go around it.
Name of album
Example: Where Tradition Meets Tomorrow
Length of song, in format m:ss (or mm:ss for songs over 10 minutes)
Example: 3:49
Another example: 0:48
Release date of the song, preferably in the format mm-dd-yyyy (to keep our American friends happy)
Example: 09-16-2005
A link to song page on jonathancoulton.com. Just type in the name as it appears in the store, replacing each space with +. We'll add the "http://www.jonathancoulton.com/songdetails/" part.
Example: Shop+Vac
Note that for songs which do not appear on jonathancoulton.com, this link isn't necessary.
Like songlink, but with a demo version of the song.
Example: The+Future+Soon+(Demo)
Make sure the word "Demo" is capitalized!
A link to the blog entry regarding this song, in the format 2005/10/07/thing-a-week-4-shop-vac/. We'll add the "http://www.jonathancoulton.com".
Example: 2005/10/07/thing-a-week-4-shop-vac/

None of the parameters are strictly necessary, although of course including the template with none defined is pretty useless.