The Doubleclicks

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The Doubleclicks are a nerd-folk duo based in Portland, Oregon. Otherwise known as Angela and Aubrey Webber, they perform delightfully geeky songs as only a pair of sisters can: using cello, ukulele, and sweet harmonies. They have played on stage with Jonathan Coulton (in Brooklyn), Paul and Storm (at PAX Prime), Marian Call (in Portland), and many other awesome people.

Currently (January 5-16, 2013), The Doubleclicks are touring the West Coast with Molly Lewis. In the fall of 2012, they toured the East Coast and Midwest with Molly Lewis and Dammit Liz as the "Ladies of Ragnarok."

JoCo Cruise Crazy 3 will be The Doubleclicks' first time performing on the high seas.

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