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Formed by John Linnell and John Flansburgh in 1982, They Might Be Giants has succeeded as an alternative music group and as one of Jonathan Coulton's largest influences. The group eventually expanded from the original duo. Now including a backing band, with drummer Marty Beller who also works for Coulton's unnamed band.

In 2009, a Coulton show in Chicago was up against They Might Be Giants, playing at a different venue in the same city. Aware of the crossover between their fans—as well as being a huge TMBG fan himself—Coulton was inspired to perform a set of TMBG songs. Together with Paul and Storm, he covered the entirety of their acclaimed Flood album in between Paul and Storm's set, along with his own. When They Might Be Giants later invited him as the opener on a few tour dates in March 2010, Coulton jokingly credited the cover show. Coulton later opened for They Might Be Giants on their Join Us Tour from late 2011 to early 2012.

Coulton has since maintained close ties with the band. He eventually convinced them to start using Twitter. Coulton's 2011 studio album, Artificial Heart, was produced by Flansburgh, who also helped with arranging and programming, and features a wide array of TMBG-collaborators.


Throughout their career, They Might Be Giants have released twenty-two, with one upcoming, studio albums:

  • They Might Be Giants (1986)
  • Lincoln (1988)
  • Flood (1990)
  • Apollo 18 (1992)
  • John Henry (1994)
  • Factory Showroom (1996)
  • Long Tall Weekend (1999)
  • Mink Car (2001)
  • No! (2002)
  • The Spine (2004)
  • Here Come the ABCs (2005)
  • The Else (2007)
  • Here Come the 123s (2008)
  • Here Comes Science (2009)
  • Join Us (2011)
  • Nanobots (2013)
  • Glean (2015)
  • Why? (2015)
  • Phone Power (2016)
  • I Like Fun (2018)
  • My Murdered Remains (2018)
  • Escape Team (2019)
  • BOOK (2021, not yet released)

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