Thing a Week One

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Thing a Week One
Artist: Jonathan Coulton
Tracks: 13

Track Listing

  1. See You All in Hell
  2. My Monkey
  3. W's Duty
  4. Shop Vac
  5. Baby Got Back
  6. Someone Is Crazy
  7. Brand New Sucker
  8. Sibling Rivalry
  9. The Town Crotch
  10. When I'm 25 or 64
  11. Podsafe Christmas Song
  12. Furry Old Lobster
  13. Drive


The track When I'm 25 or 64 is part of the Thing A Week process, and is listed for download under this album, it is not on the CD.


The album is still available for download, and the CD is available here. (Will fix in a sec)