Toronto, ON: 2008-07-09

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Toronto, ON

Set list

  1. The Future Soon
  2. Ikea
  3. Shop Vac
  4. Still Alive
  5. Tom Cruise Crazy (w/ Paul and Storm)
  6. Curl (w/ Paul and Storm)
  7. Code Monkey (w/ Paul and Storm)
  8. Soft Rocked by Me/Soft Rock Medley (Tequila Sunrise, Summer of 69, Hand in my Pocket, Unknown Song, Closing Time, Hey Jude) (w/ Paul and Storm)
  9. My Monkey (w/ Paul and Storm)
  10. Birdhouse in Your Soul (w/ Paul and Storm)
  11. Creepy Doll (w/ Paul and Storm)
  12. I Feel Fantastic
  13. Mr. Fancy Pants - video
  14. I Crush Everything
  15. Skullcrusher Mountain
  16. Mandelbrot Set
  17. You Ruined Everything
  18. Re Your Brains - video, video 2
  1. First of May
  2. Sweet Caroline


This show marked the live premiere of "Live", Paul and Storm's entry to Masters of Song Fu, where they were supposed to create a Jonathan Coulton song.