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Transcribed by unmodisch

I agreed to host the show
That was how this whole thing started
      (still A....)
How was I supposed to know
I would end up so broken hearted
We had one night
A                      Bm
That's all it meant to you
E                     A
Now I'm alone and I'm wishing I could stop
              G  Gm
Thinking of you

          Bm E G F#
I am in love
                Bm E G F#
But it's only a fantasy
              Bm E G F#
I'm in search of
                        G         Gm
That hairy creature who cared for me
Under the pines

G                   D 
Close my eyes and I see you there
Em                  Bm
Musky smell of your matted hair
G              D
Our minds were one
   F#sus4 (244422) F#
But only for a moment