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Encubed is a 25-year-old training coordinator at a major multinational financial corporation. Jonathan Coulton's music is what keeps him sane throughout the workday...when he's not training, that is.

Contributions to the JoCommunity

  1. Encubed has filmed two full Jonathan Coulton concerts that can be found on his Youtube channel (PARTS of which can be found...this is a work-in-progress)
  2. He scored an impromptu post-concert mini-interview with Jonathan himself after the June 7th, 2008 Pittsburgh, PA concert
  3. With the help of JoCo forum members, he re-wrote the lyrics to Over There to a song about Americans by a Canadian. Then he recorded and performed this on video, released just in time for JoCo's first Canadian concert, and in time (coincidentally) for Canada day.

Top 5 Favorite JoCo songs

  1. The Future Soon
  2. Better
  3. Madelaine
  4. My Monkey
  5. I Feel Fantastic

Current & Future Projects

  1. Finish uploading Youtube vids, create Toronto concert DVD
  2. More covers!
  3. JoCoCon!