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I'm in ur Wiki, modifyin' ur formatz~

Your friendly neighborhood Moderator, backup Welcomer and Unofficial Show Format Cleaner Upper. I think I have this "job" because I tend to be anal retentive about the best way to present data, so if I move around something you added, or constantly suggest different ways of showing information, please take no offense. We want the JoCopedia to be a fun, comfortable place where we all learn as much as we can about The Man. Feel free to leave me a message on the Discussion tab above!


Based on this thread over at the forums...

  • How old are you? / What year were you born?
37 / 1970 (the same age/year as JoCo, and apparently a lot of other fans).
  • How long have you been listening to JoCo?
I heard some of the bigger tunes over a year ago, but I became a fan of all the music around January, 2008.
  • How were you introduced to JoCo? (Friend, blog, fanvid, Portal...?) Perhaps even something about "how long between first hearing a JoCo song and getting interested in JoCo."
Like most folks, I first saw Spiff's Re Your Brains video. I came back when I started seeing the other YouTube videos. I've since become a constant advocate of JoCo music to anyone who will listen.
  • What was the first JoCo song you heard?
See above.
  • What is your favorite JoCo song?
It changes. I've been doing this self-inflicted torture thing of trying not to hear all the music at once, in part so I can enjoy it when I finally buy a TAW box set at the NYC show, and part so I don't overload. Overall, I seem to be sappy; I'm Your Moon, I Crush Everything and Screwed (demo) come to mind.