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Things marked as spam[edit]

I've been marking spam articles with VFD-template. Here are my progress list, just FYI and also for me to look where im atm.

  • Full article namespace scan A - Z DONE 2011/01/14-15 (about 300 {{VFD}} entrys made)
  • Recent changes list scan 2011/01/13-21

types of spam[edit]

Just fyi list of different kind of spam articles found.

  • Russian drugstore; [1] Links to, list of different kinds of products.
  • UGG shoesales; [2] I dont really see the point of this one. I don't see hoax links or so.
  • MP3 archive; [3] Links to, probably mp3 file sharing site, didn't try the link.

ps. My liks in this page are to old revision of spam wikipages, you can safely click them open. However, links on spam page are whole different case.