Vienna, VA: 2006-12-17

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Vienna, VA

  • City: Vienna, VA
  • Venue: JAMMIN' JAVA Coffee House
  • Other act: Paul and Storm

Set list

  1. Future Soon
  2. Christmas Is Interesting[1]
  3. Mandelbrot Set
  4. Code Monkey
  5. Kenesaw Mountain Landis
  6. Skullcrusher Mountain
  7. Re Your Brains
  1. Hungry Like the Wolf (with Paul & Storm)
  2. Chiron Beta Prime


  • This concert was advertised as Paul & Storm (with Jonathan Coulton). Just before the show, Paul & Storm appeared onstage to applause. They took a poll of the audience, asking for a show of hands to see how many came primarily to see them, and then how many came primarily to see Jonathan Coulton. The JoCo crowd was much bigger, so they called out to JoCo in the wings to say something along the lines of "you won the bet!" and then launched into "Opening Band."