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Please see the archive for old QVFDs.

Quick Votes for Deletion[edit]


This page houses a list of pages so bad that they warrant speedy deletion and do not require a vote, unlike VFD. For instance: double redirects, superfluous redirects created when pages are moved, pages that aren't even about JoCo, vanity pages and general random rubbish. They must meet the QVFD criteria.

The page link is listed and a moderator will check it and either swiftly delete or not. If pages are not deleted on purpose by a moderator, they will add a note of the reason for keeping and if appropriate add it to VFD for a vote. They will also add {{QVFD}} to the discussion page to prevent it being relisted in the future.

To Do[edit]

  • Create a criteria for what warrants quick deletion - WIP

Discussion on this topics will be held on that page's discussion page.

Quick Votes for Deletion[edit]

  • Category:Michigan‎ (not linked to prevent page being added to Category - edit to be linked) - does not fit with the way we run things, if we kept it we would have to make categories for every state and country JoCo plays in and that doesn't seem right. --BenS 16:32, 8 March 2009 (EDT)
    • If I recall correctly, you can link to a category by adding a colon in front -- let's see: Category:Michigan. But I agree, we don't need this. --Bry 09:22, 10 March 2009 (EDT)