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Copy to the line above this.
Copy to the line above this.
==[[Shows calendar/Calendar "Shows calendar" (5-31-2008) - Event 1]]==
<!-- Votes to keep go here, using following format: *'''Keep''' - Then your comment and signature. -->
<!-- Votes to delete go here, using following format: *'''Delete''' - Then your comment and signature. -->
*'''Delete''' - The contents of this page are as follows: "FRESNO, CA!" I don't think there's actually a Fresno show scheduled, is there? JoCo's recent [http://www.jonathancoulton.com/2008/05/20/house-of-blues/ blog post] reads, "Coming up next are Cincinnati, Columbus, Pittsburgh and dear old NYC." Vote to delete, assuming the show is fictitious. --[[User:Bry|Bry]] 19:44, 22 May 2008 (EDT)
*'''Delete''' - Even if there going to be a show, that's not how it should be entered on the calendar anyway.  Delete it, and if we're missing an announcement, recreate it with the correct REDIRECT command.  --[[User:MitchO|MitchO]] 22:00, 22 May 2008 (EDT)
*'''Delete''' - As above, not a real show yet. Wishful thinking on someone's part methinks! *goes to create the New Zealand show page!* {{User:Percephene/sig}} <span style="color:#FF3399"><small>11:59, 25 May 2008</small></span>
*'''Delete''' - I think what needs to be said has been said. -[[User:Mtgordon|mtgordon]] 16:33, 28 May 2008 (EDT)
<!-- Comments that are not votes go here, using following format: *'''Comment''' - Then your comment and signature. -->
<!-- Votes to keep go here: *'''Keep''' - Then your comment and signature. -->
* '''Keep''' - Sorry but I'm going to have to rain on this self-deprecation parade. You are an important figure in the JoCoverse and do a lot to keep the forums running smoothly. You deserve a page. TBH, I was always a bit awed when you'd reply to me personally on the forums! *blush* I'm sure we can find something to link you to. Is there a page about the forum community anywhere? That would certainly need a link to you. {{User:Percephene/sig}} <span style="color:#FF3399"><small>11:56, 25 May 2008</small></span>
* '''Keep'''-Anything I say will really be a repeat of what's already been said countless times. The forum is perhaps the largest part of the JoCoverse-maybe fan videos but that's not for this post-and as the head guy for control (or at least one of them) you deserve a page. Modesty of course is admirable-but hey, nobody said you had to look at it did they. We could make it somewhere else and hide it from you. :-D. --[[User:Jon Who|Jon Who]] 22:22 4 June 2008 (GMT)
<!-- Votes to delete go here: *'''Delete''' - Then your comment and signature. -->
* '''Delete''' - I'm flattered, truly flattered, that BenS saw fit to create a page for me, but I'm not all that sure it's something that ought to be in JoCopedia. I mean, I rarely surface out of the forums, so certainly no one who doesn't follow the forums knows who Bry is (unlike [[Spiff]] or [[Len]] or any of you guys). Most compellingly, though, it's not a page that would have any incoming links. For everyone else, there's a logical reason that they need to be linked to -- [[Spiff]] from the song video pages, [[awryone]] from the pages of songs that he hosts, [[Emily]] from [[Code Monkey]] and from the [[Chicago, IL: 2007-12-08|Chicago show]] where she performed, etc. There's not much reason for a page for me, because nothing should ever link to it. I'd delete the page and not recreate it until I've done something notable. --[[User:Bry|Bry]] 11:55, 24 May 2008 (EDT)
<!-- Comments that are not votes go here: *'''Comment''' - Then your comment and signature. -->

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This page caters to votes for deletion of pages which do not meet the agreed upon criteria for page standards.

To Do

  • Create a criteria for what warrants deletion - Work in progress

Discussion on this topic will be held at JoCopedia talk:Deletion Policy

Templates and Procedures

Or, How to VFD for Beginners.

If you see a page that you feel falls short of the criteria for pages, you should:

  • Add {{VFD}} to the top of the page.
  • Write +VFD in the Edit Summary.
  • Come here and copy and paste the pretty table, rename the title to the page's title and cast your vote.
    • Try and be descriptive in the nomination vote (the first one) of why you feel the page should be deleted.

All interested users should:

  • Check here regularly to deliver their verdicts on the nominations' fate.

Once a page has been under vote for approximately 2 weeks, a moderator should:

  • Delete it and archive the vote.
  • Add {{VFDSurvivor}} to the page's talk page if it survived the vote.
  • Add it to WikiProject:Tidy Up in the appropriate category, if a page got a generally weak "keep" response or users mention it needs work.

Fine Print

Users who suggest a page be kept on the proviso that it gets tidied up, rewritten, spell-checked etc. are essentially volunteering to do so themselves. If a page survives a vote and you voted so, please do what you can to improve the page.

NO JOKE VFDs. Don't nom the Main Page, or anything silly like that.

No VFDs of user pages. If its yours and you don't want/need it anymore, QVFD is what you need.
VFD is for borderline pages which need a community consensus. Never nom another user's sub-pages (a user page is a sub page of a user's namespace i.e. User:Username/Sub Page. User-pages are sacred. If you spot a user-page which seems dodgy, contains porn or other objectionable content, please contact a moderator immediately or list on QVFD explaining the exceptional circumstances. If you don't like User:Percephene/My JoCo Fanfic Involving Pikachu too bad!

You may not remove the {{VFD}} template from a page until the vote has run its course.
Exception: A moderator can remove a VFD tag from a page if it is clearly not a VFD candidate i.e. the above two circumstances.

Votes for Deletion