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Live Performances

Temple Bar
October 9, 2006. Santa Monica, California.
Paul Gleason Theater
September 12, 2007. Los Angeles, California.
Tractor Tavern
February 24, 2007. Seattle, Washington.
Great American Music Hall
2007. San Francisco, California.
Mission Theater
April 25, 2008. Portland, Oregon.

Studio Performances

AOL's The DL Show


You Ruined Everything
YouTube user kathrynt98011 sings a capella to her own daughter

Fan Videos

Haku x Zabuza You Ruined Everything
Mashup with footage of Naruto characters Haku and Zabuza
You ruined everything
Slideshow video
You Ruined Everything
Another anime mashup video, with Sayonara Zetsubō Sensei.
Jonathan Coulton Knocked Me Up And Ruined Everything
Mashup with footage from Judd Apatow's Knocked Up
news bulletin, 1
Molly uses karaoke edition of You Ruined Everything as the background music to her post-Seattle announcement vlog.
Kids Rule!
Slideshow video of user's family photos
Elric, the up-all-night hungry, crying zombie baby
Background music for an installment of Len's Monsters-by-Mail video series
Another from Len's Monsters-by-Mail video series